APA102 1515 LEDs


For upcoming projects I've been looking for low current programmable RGB LEDs, and a new the new APA102 1515 seems like an improvement over the 2020.

The quiescent current of the APA102 2020 LEDs is about 0.7-1.0mA. Which is rather high for some usecases. But recently some new option have been made available.

The APA102 1515 and the APA104 1515, both of which come in a 1.5x1.5mm package. Additionally the APA104 1515 IC has a quiescent current of 0.3mA, which is good step in the right direction.

APA102 1515 datasheet

APA104 1515 datasheet

Unfortunately only the APA104 datasheet specifies quiescent current, so the quiescent current of the APA102 15155 is still an unknown.

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