Git Alias function syntax

Git aliases are an easy way to customize commands, however it is tempting to be more expressive and use shell script functions. This is supported, but the syntax and escaping can be hard to overcome. Read full post

Applying mailing list patches with 'git b4'

b4 helps improve the workflow for mailing list based Linux kernel development, but doesn't offer direct git integration. Let's whip up a 'git b4' alias. Read full post

Upstream camera support for Qualcomm platforms

The CAMSS driver for Qualcomm Image Signal Processors (ISPs) isn't new, but now has support for the next generation of ISP architecture. Read full post


Building ChromiumOS for Qemu

Getting ChromiumOS building is reasonably easy, but running it under Qemu requires some work. Read full post


Running an Android Unit Test

Running specific AOSP unit tests on an Android device is not entirely obvious, so this is what I cobbled together. Read full post

XDC 2016

Highlights from the 2016 Developers conference. Read full post

Building Android for Qemu with Mesa and Virgil3D

Running the Linux mainline graphics stack on Android devices is currently not a reality, but this is a viable development environment for improving the situation. Read full post

Ethernet device stress testing

During kernel upstreaming for chromiumos devices a standalone ethernet subssystem testing script was needed. Read full post

Linux kernel development shell scripts

A part of getting active in kernel development is finding a good workflow. These are the scripts I've used to avoid errors and increase productivity. Read full post

Running Weston on a Raspbian

This is a simple guide for how to build and run Wayland & Weston on a Raspberry Pi. Read full post