Talk: drm_hwcomposer: A brief update @ XDC 20117

Recently I gave a very short talk at XDC, in Mountain View, about drm_hwcomposer and recent developments relating to it. Read full post

Talk: Android on OSS Graphics @ Open Source Summit NA

Recently I gave a short talk at the Open Source Summit NA, in Los Angeles, about Running Android ontop op the Mainline Open Source Linux Graphics Stack Read full post

Talk: Android on OSS Graphics @ GDG Berlin Android

I recently gave a short talk at GDG Berlin Android at c-base. Read full post

Android: NXP i.MX6 on Etnaviv Update

More progress is being made in the area of i.MX6, etnaviv and Android. Read full post

GALLIUM_HUD: Debug Mesa Graphics Performance

Debugging graphics performance in a simple and high-level manner is possible for all Gallium based Mesa drivers. Read full post

Android: NXP i.MX6 Buffer Modifier Support

GPUs like those of Intel and Vivante support storing the contents of graphical buffers in different formats. Support for describing these formats using modifiers has now been added to Android and Mesa, enabling tiling artifact free running of Android on the iMX6 platform. Read full post

Android: Getting up and running on the iMX6

Getting Android up and running on the iMX6 platform using an open source graphics stack has been impossible up until recently, but now you can. Here's a guide through the steps. Read full post

Android: Changing the bootanimation

For various reasons you might want to change the Android boot animation to something other than the stock one, this is how you do it. Read full post

Android: Enabling mainline graphics

Android uses the HWC API to communicate with graphics hardware. This API is not supported on the mainline Linux graphics stack, but by using drm_hwcomposer as a shim it now is. Read full post

Precompiling APK files during Android AOSP build

By precompiling APK files during AOSP build a few minutes can be shaved off of the development iteration time on most commonly found Android hardware. Read full post


Running an Android Unit Test

Running specific AOSP unit tests on an Android device is not entirely obvious, so this is what I cobbled together. Read full post

Building Android for Qemu with Mesa and Virgil3D

Running the Linux mainline graphics stack on Android devices is currently not a reality, but this is a viable development environment for improving the situation. Read full post